Cue awkward first post

8:53 pm

So I spent hours looking at my favourite bloggers' first posts. What did these amazing women have to say when they first started out? What inspirational, funny, thoughtful words did they write? What was that first crucial post that launched their blogging career?

It turns out that the majority of the first posts that I read weren't actually anything that awe-inspiring (no shade), which made me feel a lil' bit better about kicking off my own blog. A blog is something I've wanted to 'do' for a long-ass time now and with the beginning of another new year I decided f-it, it's time I did it!

So, hi. My name's Ellie (actually it's Eleanor but I don't feel well heeled enough for that one). I'm 20 years old although I still frequently tell people I'm 18, hello wishful thinking. I run my own jewellery brand, Elnique. I'm a lil' bit of a dreamer (read: procrastinator, but dreamer sounds cuter), I like fashion, makeup, fast cars, social media, photography, travelling, FOOD! All in all, I'm a bit of a cliché really. 

I'll wrap this up by admitting that I'm not sure where exactly this blog is headed but, as with everything, only time will tell.

Much love x

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